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Yes that is right!  Stop looking at the computer and start looking at your customers…and future customers.  When you hire our team you can concentrate on what you do best.  Studies have shown that adjusters miss approx 20-25% of the line items needed to make a job profitable.   We generally find more than that.   Studies have also shown that the majority of the time is to set up the estimate.  For half as much as satellite imagery you can be that much more efficient.  If you will buy a diagram on a roof that you all can easily measure, why not buy something that most contractors are generally slower on?  After a long days work of being on jobs, do you want to sit in front of your computer writing estimates?   Do you want to spend time ordering your imagery?   Do it with one email.  You will be able to be more fresh in the morning and the line items in the estimates are generally that much better put together.


We have many options available starting at $25

  1. Have us make a copy of the adjusters estimate.  You will be sent the ESX.
  2. We can write the copy and You be the expert.  We will write everything you want in the estimate.
  3. Hire an expert.   Give us the info.  We will send you a PDF you can take to the insurance company.
  4. Hire and expert (Full Service).   All what Hire an Expert gives you but we also send out all the codes, your estimate and discuss the insurance scope with the insurance company.
  5. Comparative Estimates–Are you a PA who needs to send the differences over to the insurance company?  We make those reports.
  6. Order aerial sketches.   We use  We charge the same amount they do on their site but you can bundle it with any of the above jobs.  Yes, send one email and take care of all of this.

Here is something that hits home when we discuss the difference between hiring us and hiring in house. This is based on 100 jobs and averaging 1 hour per estimate.   Even double the amount of jobs and you are still not able to produce a profit on doing the estimates yourself.

Software for the year $2200 (roughly) (that is $22 per job)
The average Xactimate writer makes a minimum of $50,000 per year. ($500 per job)
If you are the owner writing the estimate. What are you worth? $100/hr or more? So you have $116 minimum into this job. If your estimate writer is doing it, you are $522 minimum into the job. This is also to mention the lost productivity you may have. Our expert writing is $75 per estimate. Ready to make the call yet? 1-888-301-5669 x102 (Ask For Darin). Darin has worked all over the USA and can work through your codes (or lack there of) without an issue.

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